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''Main Article: [[Nighttime Visitor/Cotrols|Controls]]''
''Main Article: [[Nighttime Visitor/Controls|Controls]]''

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"Nighttime Visitor" is an small indie-horror game, developed by Raincoil, published on November 3rd, 2015.


When the game was first released, it didn't get much attention, and it has a small number of downloads. In mid-2016, big YouTubers like Markiplier, John Wolfe, and CoryxKenshin started playing the game, making the game popular.

On April 28th, 2017, Raincoil, the developer of the game made an update on the page, saying that he is surprised a lot of people are still playing this game, and that he will make "something new" with it in the future. He would consider this a "reimagining territory".[1]

Game DescriptionEdit

You're being pursued by Alex, so escape your strange office.

Alex will call you and try to locate you by the sound of your ringing phone. In this world there is no way to silence or turn one's phone off.

And because of that, you can call Alex as well, to try and locate him in a similar manner.

Also, try knocking on some doors. Maybe you'll hear the answers to your questions from the other side.


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To win Nighttime Vistor, you have to do your best not let your Cellphone ring for a long tme, as Alex can hear it ring, and wil try to locate you. Then, you need to find the exist by following the Exit Signs.


  • The game was finished in a few weeks.
  • The game started with the idea of "picking mushrooms in the woods".[2]
  • The game was made for the annual Halloween Gamejam contest.


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